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Hawleri Nwe 1

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Branch Location

Our Team in Hawleri Nwe 1 branch

Umed Omar

Branch Manager

Hawleri Nwe 1

0750 100 2224

Farhang Muhammed

Assistant Manager

Hawleri Nwe

0750 100 9666


Manar Company is one of the companies that works in selling and renting deals of real estate properties established in erbil city. It is one of the most prominent companies of real estate industry. It owns many branches in the city of erbil as well as Sulaimania and Shaqlawa.


0750 100 8222
Working Hours:

Saturday - Thursday

9 AM - 7 PM


Manar Real Estate Company

House No. 256,

Italian City 2,

Erbil - Kurdistan

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